A Novel Update About Water Consumption


I hypothesized that I could find a perfect ratio between these three states of water, that mixing them would create just the right reaction. And to some extent, I was right. I finally felt like I was enjoying water again, at least a little bit. I should have stopped there. I should have walked away with that small victory. But I wasn’t satisfied. I will not go into detail about exactly what I did over the course of my experiments, but I will say that several amphibious animals were involved. Eventually, my experimentation brought me to a point where I had to get a chest X-ray. After this sobering experience, I pretty much accepted view site… that I would not be able to recreate the feeling of drinking a healthy, normal amount of water for the first time ever again.

https://www.dailycal.org/2020/11/20/how-i-discovered-the-optimal-way-to-consume-water/ [Training]
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